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January 15, 2012
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One cold and rainy day in New Mobotropolis, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, Amy Rose, Tails Prower, and Nicole the Lynx were at Cream's house for her seventh birthday. The small rabbit had a pointy party hat on, as did her Chao friend, Cheese. "Sorry the weather has to be so bad on your birthday, Cream." Amy said as she patted her friend's shoulder. But the rabbit was not sad. She was smiling happily. "It's okay! Once it stops raining, everything will smell so nice outside!" She said, followed by a cheer from Cheese. "Good!" Amy responded, smiling back. She hugged the rabbit tightly in her arms. "And Happy Birthday!...again…" Cream giggled for this had to be the tenth time Amy has congratulated her.

"So, this is what you Mobians call a birthday?" Nicole asked, seeing it to be a little strange to her. "Yeah. It celebrates the day you were born." Sally mentioned. "Interesting. So…does this mean, you have a birthday, Sally?" The chipmunk girl nodded. "Sonic?" Nicole asked. He nodded too. Along with Tails and Amy. "I see. D-do I have a birthday?" The lynx asked. The Mobians all looked at each other, not sure how to answer. "Well…uh…I guess you could…When did you first….power up, or something?" Sally asked, not sure how else to put it. "Well, I came from the future, so I guess it would have to be -25 years ago." Nicole answered. Nobody could respond. They all just looked at each other, then back to the lynx. "That doesn't really help does it?" Nicole asked. Everyone shook their head no.

Suddenly, thunder roared outside the house, making the ground vibrate. Cream looked outside and saw the wind blowing and the rain plummeting down. "Hmm. I guess we won't be going outside for a while." She said. Amy then smiled evilly as she inched near Sonic. "Hear that Sonic?" She asked. The blue hedgehog turned his head to her. "That means you're trapped here until the storm blows over. We can spend the whole time together." Sonic's eyes widened in concern and a sweat drop slid down the back of his head. Sally chuckled and rolled her eyes at the sight of Amy clinging to his arm. He broke away from her and backed away to the door. "Soniiic! You dare not go out in a storm like that!" Amy said angrily with her hands on her hips. "Dare I?" Sonic asked with a smirk.

He opened the front door and ran out. He simply stood in the front yard, looking up at the sky and seeing the grayish-black clouds. Rain seeped into his fur, but he didn't care. The others all held the door open, looking out at him. He turned around to see them, the smirk still on his face. "Aw, it's barely drizzling! And it's not blowing as hard as it looks!" He explained. "Uh, Sonic, I think you should come back inside." Sally mentioned. "Why?" Sonic asked. "Because this is the perfect moment for an ironic event which could lead you to get hurt." She explained, looking at him stupidly. "Aw lighten up, Sal! I mean it's not like I'm gonna get electrocuted out here!" Everybody's eyes then carried up to the clouds. But nothing happened. Moments passed and Sonic stood there unharmed. He too was looking at the sky, then smirked at his friends. "See?...TZZZZT-TZZT-TZZZZZZZT-TZZZZT-TTTT!!!!!" He shouted as he was suddenly struck by lightening from above.

Sally wore a pathetic look on her face. "See?" She asked. Sonic stood in the yard, scorch marks all over his body and his quills puffed out. He constantly twitched at the electricity coursing through his body. He wobbled from side to side, almost unable to keep his balance as he made his way back to the house. "Ok-k-kay……I adm-m-mit…….n-not my b-b-brightest idea….." He stuttered weakly. He laid down on the sofa, steam rising off the surface of his body. "How many times have I told you? I'm always right." Sally said as she gave him a smart-aleck smile. "Yeah…you and hundreds of other women…" Sonic said back.

"So now what are we gonna do all day?" Tails asked. "I dunno. Let's ask Cream!" Amy mentioned, smiling at the little girl. The rabbit tapped her chin as she thought. "I'm not sure. Usually I play outside with Cheese." She answered. "Do you maybe wanna play a game?" Everyone else all looked at each other and shrugged. It seemed alright. "What game?" Tails asked. "Now a game is a form of play or sport that is decided by skill, strength or luck and requires challenge, and knowledge, right?" Nicole defined. "Well, if you're Sonic then knowledge may not be required." Sally answered. "Thank you!!" Sonic shouted sarcastically, flashing an angry look at her.

"Well, I don't really have any board games, and Mama says I'm not supposed to play card games, so why don't we make up a game?" Cream asked. "Why can't you play cards?" Tails asked. Cream held her hands behind her back and swished her dress side to side, while looking to the floor. "Mama says it leads to gambling, and gambling leads to losing money." She answered. "Well, also gaining money." Tails mentioned. Amy warned him to be quiet before he made a mistake. "O-okay, what kind of game do you wanna play, Cream?" He asked. The rabbit hesitated to answer. "Alright! I'm up! What'd I miss? I think I blacked out for a minute." Sonic said as he weakly stood back up. He pet his quills back down to their original stature.

"Well…I'm not sure what we should do…" Cream answered, not even hearing Sonic. Amy smiled to Sonic. "Why not Spin the Bottle?" She asked. "There are too many girls, Amy. Me and Sonic are the only guys." Tails mentioned. "Well, then maybe Sonic and I can just play by ourselves." The blue hedgehog inched away from Amy, slightly freaked out. "Don't make me go out there again!" He said, pointing to the door. "Actually, maybe we can play Spin the Bottle, only in a different way." Sally mentioned. "How?" Cream asked. "My mama says no kissing either." "No, no, no. Not like that. But when the bottle lands on somebody…I don't know, maybe we can do something else."

"Maybe we can hug them." Amy mentioned, still inching toward Sonic. "No way! That's no fun." Sally argued. Cream ran to the kitchen and came back with an empty glass bottle in her hand. She and the others all sat on the floor in a circle and placed the bottle in the middle. The pink hedgehog insisted on sitting beside the blue one. And the blue one insisted that the orange fox sit beside him. Cream, Sally and Tails all tapped their chin as they thought and thought. Cream's face then lit up as she snapped her fingers. "I know! When the bottle lands on someone, we can just tickle them!" She explained. "What?!" Sonic and Tails asked together. (You can probably guess how this is going to play out. Lol.) Sally glanced at Sonic and a smirk came to her face. "I…like that idea." She said. "Even better! We can tie them down, and blindfold them!" Amy mentioned, taking her focus off Sonic. "And one of us tickles that person at a time, and they have to guess who it is!" Nicole added. "And if they get three strikes, then we all jump in!" Sally finished.

The girls all seemed to agree, but Sonic and Tails' eyes were wide. They looked at each other nervously and stood up. "Uh…on second thought, Tails and I won't be participating in this one!" Sonic said, smiling innocently. "Why? You afraid you'll get picked?" Sally asked, the smart smile plastered on her muzzle. "Yes!" Tails answered. "TAILS!!" Sonic scolded. "Oh come on Guys! We need some boys in this thing or its not gonna be any fun!" Amy whined. "Call Knuckles!" Sonic answered. The girls all shook their head and closed the circle themselves. Cream ran into another room and came back out with a cloth. "Will this work?" She asked. The others nodded. "But what are we gonna use to tie them down with?" Sally asked. But Nicole's hands began to glow, and the nanites in the ground grew and transformed into locks. "Well….there we go!" Sally said, feeling slightly stupid for not thinking of that.

Since it was Cream's birthday, she got to spin the bottle. The glass bottle twirled around and around, eventually slowing down and landing on Sally. The chipmunk's eyes widened slightly. A nervous red blush came to her cheeks as she smiled innocently. "Uh….how about we spin again?" She asked. But the girls only laughed. Sally sat still, the nervous smile still on her face as Cream tied the cloth over her eyes. Sally felt for the locks as she crawled forward and laid herself down, while Nicole locked her in. Sonic was hypnotized by Sally, a red blush coming to his cheeks as he stared at her soft-looking belly. He wanted to tickle that. He wanted to hear Sally's adorable laugh when he did.

Nicole pulled off Sally's boots, exposing her brown feet and six toes. "W-wait, I didn't know we'd be involving feet." Sally mentioned. Nobody responded, they didn't want to give away their positions. Sonic's blush grew redder as he saw her toes. He wanted to tickle those too. He bit his lip as he felt tempted, and sat down on his knees, within the group. The girls all looked at him confused. "(I thought you didn't wanna play.)" Nicole whispered. "(I….I changed my mind…)" He whispered back. Tails looked down at him, also a little confused. "(Well….if my big brother's joining….)" He whispered as he knelt down beside Nicole. "Guys? Not that I'm complaining but, what's the delay?" Sally asked. "Nothing. Somebody was just about to start." Amy answered.

Nicole smiled at Sonic and allowed him to go first, instantly noticing the blush over his cheeks. He quietly scooted up beside Sally and looked down at her belly. He smiled shyly as he reached forward and lightly scribbled his fingers over it. Sally smiled and shied away from his touch. She broke out giggling and flinched at the sensation. Sonic smiled bigger as he tickled her faster, causing her to squirm. It felt nice to tickle her, and hear her laughing as a response. Sonic wanted to do this more often. "HEHEHEHEHE!! Um….Is it….Cream?" She asked. "Nope! Strike one!" Amy answered. Sonic stopped tickling her and pulled his hands away.

Nicole then wanted the next turn. She quietly and carefully walked over and knelt down by Sally's feet. She giggled silently as she slowly scribbled over her soles. The feet instantly flinched away. Nicole held her right one in place as she danced her fingers over her soles rapidly. Sally burst out laughing as her toes curled instantly. She pulled and tugged at her ankles. "HAHAHAHA!! IT'S NICOLE!!" She shouted. The lynx groaned and let go of her foot. "How'd you know?" She asked. "Besides me, you're the only one who doesn't have gloves." Sally answered. The computer lynx pouted and unlocked the restraints. Sally sat up and untied the blindfold. She saw that Sonic and Tails have rejoined the group. "Hey! No fair! I didn't know they were back in!" She said. "Well, if you want, we can give you another round." Sonic suggested, smirking at her. Sally's eyes widened and she smiled nervously. "Nevermind." She said.

The lynx just shrugged. "Alright, to make it fair, nobody else is joining in, and nobody is getting out. Also, everyone take off your gloves." She announced. Tails, Amy, Sonic and Cream obeyed and removed their white gloves, throwing them to the side. Sally threw her boots to the side too, remembering that she could be chosen again. Cream spun the glass bottle again and this time, it landed on Amy. The pink hedgehog looked nervous. She bit her lip and took off her boots, setting them by Sally's. The chipmunk princess tied the blindfold over Amy's eyes. The pink girl said nothing. She just  took a deep breath as Nicole locked her in. "And don't anybody be looking up my dress! Not even you Sonic! No matter how tempting it is!" She yelled. Sonic gave her a pathetic look. "I think I can control myself." He said sarcastically.

Tails took the first turn and sat in front of her feet. He instead put his back to her feet and swished his tails up and down them. Amy broke out giggling as her toes curled. She pulled at her ankles but the restraints kept her locked. "HEHEHEHEHE!! Is it Sonic?" She asked, hopefully. Tails gave Sonic an extremely confused look. "(How does she guess you, when I'm the only one here with two tails?)" He asked. "(I don't know. It's Amy. Go with it.)" Sonic answered. The other girls were just as confused. They all looked at each other strangely. "Uh…Okay. Strike one." Nicole counted. Cream then smiled as she scooted up to Amy's side. She scribbled her fingers over her left belly side, causing Amy to laugh loudly. She squirmed and pulled but she couldn't get away. "AHAHAHAHA!! SONIC?!" She guessed again. "Strike two. One more strike and we all tickle you at once." Nicole explained. The pink hedgehog whimpered at that news.

Sally sat behind Amy's head and reached down, tickling under her arms. "HEHEHEHEHE!!" Amy giggled. This time, she waited to guess. She wanted to get it right this time so she thought long and hard. "HEHEHEHEHE! S-SONIC?!" She guessed. "Strike three!" Nicole announced. Then all of the Mobians, and Nicole joined in and tickled the restrained Amy. She laughed loudly as she squirmed and begged for it to stop. "AHAHAHAHA!! NO PLEASE!! HAHAHAHA!! NO! NOT THERE!! HAHAHAHA!!" She cackled. Tails swished his fox tails over her feet again. Sonic tickled her right side. Cream tickled her left side. Sally tickled under her right arm and Nicole tickled under her left. This continued on for minutes. Tears eventually soaked through the cloth, making little dark spots. "PLEHEHEHEASE!! HAHAHAHAHA!! HAVE MERCYHEHEHE!! DAH NO!! HAHAHAHA!! NOT MY TOES!! NOHOHOT MY TOES!!" Amy begged as Tails swished his fox tails over and under her pink toes.

After minutes and minutes of the torture. Amy was finally let go. She sat on the side and panted heavily. Meanwhile, Cream spun the bottle again and it eventually slowed down. Sonic and Tails both tried to avoid its point. It was getting slower and slower, currently pointing at Sonic, making him worry. But relief washed over him as it stopped on Tails. The fox's eyes widened in concern. "What?! Me?!" He asked in shock. The girls all smiled as they nodded. Cheese flew up behind Tails and wrapped the blindfold over his eyes. The twin-tailed fox whimpered and begged for Sonic to help him out of this. "Don't be such an Antoine, Dude." Was how he responded. Nicole locked down Tails' wrists and ankles, making him whimper again. She then transformed the nanites into two more locks to pin down his tails.

Amy came back to the group and removed the fox's red and white shoes, and pure white socks. His feet were orange but his toes were white, matching the fur on his muzzle and the tips of his tails. Cream was about to go, until her face lit up. "Oh wait! I know something we can use!" She said as she ran out of the room. Tails looked from side to side, though not being able to see anything. "What? Use what? For what?" He asked nervously. The rabbit soon reappeared with a long, pink feather boa. "My Mama used to wear this, and then she gave it to me to see how I liked it!" She explained, petting the soft feathers.

Nicole raised her hand, hinting that she wanted to use it. The lynx took the end of the feather boa and began tickling Tails' ears. The fox's snickered a bit and his ears flicked left and right. "Umm….Is it….Sally?" He asked. "Wrong! Strike one!" Nicole announced as she pulled the boa away. Tails' ears drooped, as a sign that he was afraid. Nicole threw the boa to Sonic, who smiled evilly as she neared toward his best friend's feet. Being the fox's big brother for so many years, he got to know how ticklish Tails was. And he knew exactly what to do to push Tails' buttons. The hedgehog stroked the feather boa up and down the fox's arches. Tails yipped in surprise and curled his toes. Sonic pet his arches, then up to his soles, making the fox giggle loudly. After a few seconds, he began petting the boa under and between his toes, causing Tails to laugh. His toes wiggled and curled in defense, but he couldn't stop him. "AHAHAHAHA!! IT'S…HEHEHEHE!! IT'S SONIC!! HAHAHA!! IT'S GOTTA BE!!" He shouted.

"Dang it!" Sonic said in response as he put down the boa. The fox calmed down and began to catch his breath. He picked up his head and faced Sonic, although, still not being able to see him, and smirked. "Only my….my big brother…knows how to torture me like that…" He panted. Cheese untied the blindfold and Nicole unlocked the fox. Tails sat up and held his chest, chuckling slightly. "Hehehehe…That was…fun!...That was more fun than I thought it'd be! Which was 'not very'." He said. Sonic called him crazy and pulled him back over by his side.

Cream was about to spin the bottle again, until Cheese flew up to her. Everyone's faces lit up as they saw two, long white feathers in his stubby hands. "Good idea Cheese!" Cream praised. "Chao!" The rabbit the spun the glass bottle. Sonic and Tails both watched it carefully, Tails not as concerned this time. It spun and spun, then slowed and slowed. "(I hope Sally gets picked again. I didn't get to tickle her feet last time.)" Sonic whispered to Tails. The fox was about to respond, until someone shouted, "Sonic!" The boys' heads turned to see the tip of the bottle, pointing at Sonic. All the girls had smiles on their faces at that. "Uh….." Sonic said nervously. "In the middle Sonic." Sally said, pointing at the locks. The hedgehog then stood up, the familiar innocent smile back on his muzzle. "Uh…On second thought, I don't feel like playing anymore!" He said.

"We already made the rules! Nobody's getting in or OUT!" Nicole explained. "Yeah. C'mon Sonic. Don't be such an Antoine." Tails said with a taunting grin. "Y-you don't understand, I'm REALLY ticklish!" The hedgehog mentioned. "Even better." Sally commented. "Yeah but…I don't like it! I don't want to be held down while a bunch of girls put their hands all over me and…" Sonic then paused and looked up. "…you know I'm not really sure what I want." "Well, then why did you join back in?" Sonic paused. His cheeks turned a slight, unnoticeable shade of pink as he stalled the answer to Sally's question. "Uh….I….just wanted to…." He stammered. "You didn't join until I was the one being tickled. Why is that?" Sally asked, giving him a suspicious smile. Sonic suddenly felt hot and chuckled nervously. "Heh heh heh….um…I dunno…I guess I wasn't thinking…" He answered.

"Because you wanted to tickle me?" Sally asked, her hands now on her hips. "No!! No!! N-not that at all!! I don't know why I joined in again, but I don't want to-HEY!!" Sonic shouted as he was suddenly blinded. Cheese was behind him, tied the blindfold over his eyes. Then Tails, Amy, Sally and Nicole grabbed his arms and legs and brought him down. "WHA?! HEY NO!! GUYS!! DON'T!! SERIOUSLY!!" Sonic shouted desperately as he felt his wrists and ankles being pinned down. "When you play a game, you have to be fair, Mr. Sonic." Cream mentioned from his side. Nicole then locked the restraints, making the blind hedgehog worry.

"Come on Sonic! It'll be fun! Tails was scared too and now he can't wait to be chosen again!" Sally explained. "Hey! Speak for yourself! I can wait!" Tails shouted. "Yeah, but…." Sonic started, but didn't finish. "It'll just be a few quick rounds. Who knows? You might even guess right on the first try or something." Sally said as she pet his ears. "Yeah, but if I don't guess right at all, I'll get what Amy got earlier!" Sonic mentioned. The chipmunk rolled her eyes and stepped away. "She lived. You'll live too." She said, only making the hedgehog whimper. But Sonic's eyes widened as he felt his shoes slipping off. Once he felt his socks off, he bit his lip in uneasiness. "Only a few rounds. All I gotta do is guess right. One out of five people. I ought to get it right sometime." He thought in his mind. But he still had his doubts.

Amy then took the two feathers Cheese was holding earlier. She smiled as she lightly ran the tips of them over his blue soles. His toes instantly twitched and curled a few times. Amy looked up and saw a bright smile on the victim's face as he laughed on the inside. She then pouted a little and held the three toes on his left foot. She lightly ran the feather over all of them, making them twitch and attempt to curl. "Hehehehehe!….Is it Sally?" Sonic asked. "Nope. Strike uno." Nicole answered. Amy stopped and sat back, handing the feathers to Cream. The rabbit smiled as she scooted up beside Sonic and stroked the tips over his ribs. The hedgehog instantly flinched and began to giggle. Cream ran the feathers across his ribs and then down to his underarms, wiggling them rapidly. Sonic's belly bounced as his giggling grew into laughter. "AHAHAHAHA!! T-TAILS?!" He asked. Cream then stopped and pulled back, giggling to herself. "Strike B." Nicole announced. "Ohhhh…." Sonic groaned in worry.

The rabbit offered the feathers to Sally, but she hinted that she didn't need them. The chipmunk instead scooted up to Sonic's other side and an evil smile grew on her face. She had a positive idea that Sonic was the one who tickled her belly earlier, now she wanted revenge. She rose her wiggling fingers and instantly brought them down on his peach-colored belly. Sonic instantly burst out laughing and struggled to get away. "AHAHAHA!! NO STOP!!! HAHAHAHA!! NOT THERE!! NOT THERE PLEHEHEASE!!" He shouted. But nobody responded, they only watched with amused smiles. But Sally was the one, most amused. She scribbled up and down his sensitive belly, as if her fingers were the legs of a spider. It sure seemed to be working, for it made the hedgehog howl with laughter. "AHAHAHAHA!! A-AMY?! AMY?! HAHAHAHAHOHO PLEASE BE AMYHEHEHE!!" He laughed.

"Strike three! You lose!" Nicole announced. "WHAT?! NO!!" Sonic shouted in reaction. All of the animals then piled on and tickled the helpless hedgehog everywhere. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! NO PLEASE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!! G-GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Sonic laughed desperately. But nobody listened. Sally and Nicole just laughed as they tortured his poor belly. Cream and Amy giggled as they ran the feathers up and down his feet, and made sure to weave in between his toes. Tails brushed his fox tails over his ribs. Sonic fought to get out of the nanites but it was no use. He was tortures for minutes when tears began to soak through the blindfold. "PLEHEHEHEASE GUYS!!! NO MORE!! NO MOHOHORE!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!! AHAHAHAHAHA!! IT HURTS!! I CAN'T BREATHE!! HAHAHAHA!!" He begged. His cheeks turned bright red and the spots on the blindfold grew darker and darker.

Minutes and minutes of the ticklish torture, and everybody stopped. The blue hedgehog calmed down and panted in and out desperately. "I d……I honestly don't want to….play anymore, Guys…..I think….I'd rather take my chances….with the lightning again….." He managed to say. "You probably would." Sally responded. "You want to be let go now?" Nicole asked. "Yes!! YES!!!!" Sonic answered desperately. "Uh….hold on a minute Nicole." Sally interrupted, holding up her finger. She scooted beside Sonic and removed the blindfold. His eyes were glossy from the tears, and he looked up at Sally, confused. "Did you only join in because you wanted to tickle me earlier?" She asked. "N-no…I already told you…" Sonic answered. But the chipmunk still had a smile on her face. "Tell me the truth." She said, holding her wiggling fingers over his belly as a warning. Sonic's eyes widened slightly. "Uh….well….maybe…." He answered.

"Why? Why me?" Sally asked. Sonic would've blushed, but his cheeks were already bright red from being tortured. "Uh…..bec-cause…..I….." He stammered. Sally's hand lowered down, making him nervous. "Because you what?" She asked. "Love me?" "NO!!!" Sonic instantly denied. That's when the chipmunk shook her head and started scribbling her fingers over his belly. "AHAHAHAHA!!! NO STOP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NICOLE!! L-LET ME GOHOHOHO!!! PLEASE!! I'M BEGGING YOU!!" Sonic laughed, pulling at his arms. But the lynx did nothing. "I'll ask you again, do you love me?" Sally repeated. "PLEHEHEASE SALLY!! STOHOHOP IT!! I'M SO TICKLISH THERE!!" "Then you'd better give me and honest answer." Sonic looked up and saw the others all looking at him, waiting for a response. He didn't want to answer in front of them. "BYAHAHAHAHA!! OKAY!! OKAY YES!! HAHAHAHA!! I LOVE YOU!!!" He shouted, for sadly, he had no choice.

Amy instantly pouted and looked away, grumbling to herself. Sally stopped tickling him and smiled happily. "Thank you. I've been waiting to hear that." She said. "Y-you have?" Sonic asked. The princess nodded and kissed his cheek, making his ears perk and his quills puff out again. She giggled at the sight of that. "I've actually been wanting to tell you but….this isn't exactly how I imagined it." Sonic responded with a shy smile. "Yeah, me either." Sally responded. "But it's the cutest possible way I could imagine it!" She said as she drew her finger across his belly, making him snicker. "Uh…Can I get up now?" He asked, looking up at Nicole. The lynx had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. "That was beautiful!" She squealed dramatically. Sally chuckled in amusement and asked her to let Sonic go. The locks opened and Sonic sat up, feeling his wrists.

"So now what?" Sally asked. "I was thinking we could play Spin the Bottle." Sonic answered, looking away, though smirking. "Really?" The hedgehog nodded. "Yup. Just you and me." He answered. Sally smiled and took the glass bottle. She placed it between them and spun it. It eventually slowed down and landed on Sonic. The hedgehog closed his eyes and held out his lips for a kiss. But instead he found himself being tackled to the floor and scribbling fingers at his sides. "AHAHAHAHA!! WAIT NO!!! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!" He shouted. "Well then you should be more specific." Sally mentioned. Sonic covered his sides, and so the fingers instead attacked under his arms. "SALLYHEHE! C'MON THIS ISN'T FUNNY!! HAHAHA!!" "It's pretty funny from over here!" Tails called, for he and the others were snickering in amusement. The laughing hedgehog rolled onto his front for protection but Sally then switched back to his sides. Lightly squeezing them and scribbling over them. "STOHAHAHAP IT SAL!! PLEASE IT TICKLES SO MUCH!! AHAHAHAHA!!" It tortured poor Sonic, but he didn't fight as much as he desperately wanted to. Not when it was the woman he loved doing it. Long live Sonally!! :D
Another Sonic tickling story that ends with Sonally! Yay! Sonic and Sally! :D :love:
Cream's seventh birthday party didn't go exactly as planned....more tickle torture for Sonic! Lol! I always love to torture Sonic, aren't i just the worst? jk
Anywho, enjoy!
Comments are always appreciated! :D
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Herobrine564 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  New member Student General Artist
no offense, but think this is the worst fan fic EVER
CartoonTKfan Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
After reading it years later, I would almost agree with you, but trust me, I have read MUCH.....much...worse. Its sad.
Herobrine564 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  New member Student General Artist
could u give me an example?
CartoonTKfan Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Read any of the fanfics written by someone named Thunderbolt.
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mkay thnx. No offense but it took u long enough to reply
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oh crap! can u plz give me a link to his channel? I looked up his name, a bunch of random bullcrap came up. I love Sonally, its just the sonic torture I didn't like. other than that, the story was ok
CartoonTKfan Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just look up sonic tickle fanfics on here and you'll see him.
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 oh my god that's to cute but i wish sonally kissed
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great story i love it
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